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"People think thoughts and live in moments. Actors think words and speak in sentences.

The gift of a great actor is to transform words to thoughts and sentences to moments." 


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For: Acting, Voice, and

On-Camera Auditioning

(310) 801-4135

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* Extra Innings* has won
           - BEST PICTURE 2019 -          Manhattan Film Festival
   The Jersey Shore Film Festival
*BAD IMPULSE* has won
International Film Festival
London Independent Film Festival
Golden State Film Festival (Audience favorite)
Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2019 
Writer/Director - Back To The Wall

                                                          *EXTRA INNINGS*

“It's a film that brings to mind Rob Reiner's underrated gem Flipped, a film that Reiner, in an interview with The Independent Critic, proclaimed as one of his own personal favorites of his films. While the subject matter is different, Dabah, alongside co-director Brian Drillinger, has crafted a similarly stylish and substantial motion picture that understands its times, its characters, and its story and brings it all quite beautifully to life.” Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"How to execute that transformation is what I have been teaching, practicing, and mastering for the past 30 years. As a professional actor, director, producer, and teacher, I have honed my technique for breaking down a script, creating a character, and grounding the actor in the given circumstances of a role. Employing my professional experience to teaching voice, on-camera technique, and scene study, allows me to offer a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to the craft of acting."  

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