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Brian Drillinger Leading a Voice Class


Have you experienced one or more of the following?

- People can’t hear you – your voice has no power

- You get emotional and your voice closes or pitches up

- You have trouble connecting emotionally

- Your stomach tightens in high pressured situations and you can’t breathe

- Your voice is breathy – throaty – weak or high pitched

My vocal technique is designed as a series of exercises to release the areas where you hold, physically and emotionally, while strengthening the parts of your voice that are weak so as to create a clear channel of Breath, Emotion, and Voice. The exercises build one on the other from the bottom of your speaking range to the top and become a vocal warm-up that you will use the rest of your career. You will learn how to make someone else’s words your own. You will work on material from your acting class, as well as any auditions you may have, identifying and correcting any vocal problems.


The voice is the most important component of your instrument. It is the primary connector between you and the world. It doesn’t matter what you feel if you can’t convey it.




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